Have an Old House? Why You Should Have Vinyl Windows Installed

Does your old home feel cold and drafty, even when you have your furnace running? It could be from the old windows that need to be replaced. These old windows are not going to be very energy efficient and may even have a single glass pane in them. If the windows also have wood grills, the wood may be separating, causing air to seep in during the winter. Know that, when it's time to upgrade those windows, vinyl is a great material to use.

Vinyl Helps Reduce Drafts

A vinyl window will have glass that is insulated, which can help reduce the amount of heat loss your home experiences. Insulated glass will also help reduce the cold air that gets through the window frame. This is due to the two glass panes that come together with a small layer of inert gas like argon or krypton between them. The gas traps energy behind the second layer of glass and keeps the air inside your home where it belongs. Overall, your home will be more energy efficient once you have these new windows installed.

Vinyl Will Have Less Maintenance Over the Years

A vinyl window will not require as much maintenance as other materials, like wood. If you decide to paint your wood windows, they need to be repainted and resealed to protect the material from the weather. Vinyl will never need to be repainted because the color is a part of the material during the manufacturing process. No protective coating or sealant is required. This helps vinyl windows last a very long time, and chances are you will not need to replace them as soon as you would another type of window.

Vinyl Will Be Easy to Clean

Cleaning windows is a chore that nobody likes to do. After winter is finished, the task may be unavoidable when you take a look at your windows and what the winter weather did to them. Not only does the glass need to be cleaned, but the frame around the window does as well. Vinyl is very easy to clean—you just need a basic cleaning solution to wipe them down. You can even use dish soap to do the job. Avoid using any type of abrasive material on a vinyl window. Light wiping should be enough to get the job done.

If you feel like you want to upgrade to vinyl windows fro your older home, reach out to a local window contractor for more info.