The Pain Of Panes: 7 Important Functions Of Window Tint

Hollywood may have portrayed window tint as a cover for bad guys avoiding police protection, but in reality, window tint serves many important functions. From protecting your health to protecting your ottoman, the need for window tint goes way beyond props for cinema. Here's what it really does:

1. Providing Privacy

While most people like to see out of their windows, they don't want people seeing in. Nearly any type of tint solves this problem, by allowing those inside to see out, but not vice-versa. Whether you have nosy neighbors or you just enjoy the pajama life, having your windows tinted affords you the best of both worlds—allowing you the pleasure of seeing the outdoors without permitting peepers to see in.

2. Protection From Fading

Windows allow UVA, UVB, infrared radiation and ordinary visible light to enter your home, resulting in faster fading of carpets, upholstery, and drapes. Those UV rays damage anything inside the home, even when the sun isn't out. Blocking that light protects your interior valuables.

3. Blocking Harmful Rays

The same rays that fade your favorite carpet can also damage your skin. Depending on the type of film you choose, you could block most of those damaging rays completely.

4. Reducing Glare

Eyes are protected, too, when windows are tinted. The tint reduces glare when you look outside, but also when you look around inside, such as viewing a computer or television screen. Especially in winter, glare is harmful to your eyesight, even when you're indoors.

5. Keeping Your Interior Cooler

When you block sun rays, you also keep heat out. Maintaining thermal stability, despite the temperature outside, will keep you more comfortable and may cut down on your utility bills.

6. Offering You A Change Of Scenery

Window tint is constantly evolving, with images of such exceptional quality that you'd think they're real. If your outdoor view isn't appealing, look for tint featuring majestic mountains or serene seascapes. They'll be a big improvement from back alleys, dead end streets, and other eyesores you may be forced to look at. While the window decor is inspiring and relaxing, it will also provide many of the same benefits as ordinary tint.

7. Preventing Lopsided Tanning In Your Car

The same principles of sun protection in your home apply in your car; thus, window tinting serves a cool and healthy purpose while you're driving, too. You won't just avoid the one-sided tan, typically seen on people who drive frequently, you'll be protecting yourself against those potentially harmful UV rays. Although tint does protect you, blocking up to 99.9 percent of damaging rays in some cases, experts still recommend using a good sunscreen.

While window tint still looks great in movies, in real life, it's a true hero. There are many ways it helps and protects you, as well as adding beauty, sophistication, or plain fun to your surroundings.