Three Reasons To Replace The Windows In Your Older Home

If you live in an older home with the original windows, you may want to think about getting them replaced. This is especially true if you notice a draft coming in through your window or you noticed your heating costs have increased. Here are three more reasons to get replacement windows for your older home. 

You Will Feel More Comfortable in Your Home

If the windows in your home are old and outdated, chances are they are not very energy efficient. If you've noticed you need to turn up the thermostat after coming in from the cold, getting replacement windows can help to alleviate this. 

If you have a single clear window in your bedroom and the temperature is zero degrees outside, your inside glass temperature will be between 15 and 20 degrees. Of course this doesn't mean it's that cold inside your home. It does mean, however, that your heating system has to work harder to keep things warm inside. By replacing your windows with ones that are more energy efficient, the inside glass temperature can reach at least 60 degrees, which will make things much more comfortable. 

You Will Have Less Window Condensation

Getting replacement windows can even reduce the amount of condensation that forms on your windows. New windows with glazing technologies and insulating frames can increase the inside glass temperature. If the inside glass temperature is lower than the frost point, or the dew point, that's when condensation forms. Because of energy efficient technology, frost and condensation are less likely to form on the interior of the window. When condensation is reduced, the interior of the home stays warmer. It also makes it much easier to see outside.

You Will Notice Less Fading 

Sunlight can be detrimental to your carpet, furniture, and wood on the inside of your home as it can cause their color to fade over time. The reason for this is that ultraviolet rays (UV), the harmful parts of the sun, get through your windows.

When you invest in replacement windows, be sure to get a special coating on the glass that can help reduce UV transmission by 75 percent. Using plastic layers on the inside of the windows, instead of glass, can also be helpful when it comes to reducing fading. 

When you get replacement windows on your older home, it will be more comfortable, there will be less frost and condensation, and your furnishings will maintain their color better and longer.