Creating A Circular Arcade Of Windows In Your Sitting Room: How It's Done

If you have a sitting room but it really lacks a lot of natural light, you may want to hire a window and siding expert. There are any number of ways of creating a bright, warm room with your windows, and if you can afford it, consider an arcade of arched windows for your sitting room. The look is not only very attractive, but also provides a monumental upgrade in sunlight for the room. Here is how that is done.

Square Sitting Room vs. Round

First and foremost, if your current sitting room is rather square or rectangular, you may be inclined to keep it that way. Otherwise you can completely alter its shape by transforming it into a rounded room. An arcade of windows is more visually stunning, but it works either way. Should you decide to go for roundness, new construction is required before your windows can be installed.

Next, the Windows

There are so many choices in windows for this room. If you round the room you can also round the tops of the windows to really give it that Roman arcade appearance. If you leave your sitting room in a square/rectangle shape, then you can get a rectangular arcade of windows that run around all three walls of the room, or the walls that currently jut outward from the rest of the house. Choosing the rectangular windows means you can get more windows installed, especially when you install them very close together. Finally, your siding and roofing needs to be done.

Siding and Roofing

When your windows expert also does siding, you can be sure that the whole exterior around the windows is flawless (or at least it should be). The siding is installed after the windows so that there is no excessive interference between the siding and the windows. This is especially true if you had your sitting room completely reconstructed into a circular shape, since the new construction is left with bare insulation exposed until the windows are installed. 

Roofing only becomes a necessity if you had new construction. Usually, the old roof over this section of your home was removed entirely to reshape and rebuild your round sitting room. New roofing is installed last, so that the siding can protect the new construction and the windows are not in the way of the new roof, which could result in some roofing installation issues. For assistance, talk to a professional like Beissel Window & Siding.