Getting Your Residential Windows Truly Clean

We all love natural light in our homes, and whether it is a modern building with huge glass panels from the floor to the ceiling, or an old home with wood paned windows, keeping the glass clean is always a chore. Most people will buy some glass cleaner and paper towels to get the smudges and fingerprints off the glass, but is that enough to get the windows truly clean?

Glass and Its Make-Up

Residential windows are typically made from glass, and while there are differences in the type of glass, it all has one thing in common. It looks smooth and flat--but what you can't see with the naked eye is the tiny imperfections in the surface of the glass. These tiny dimples or imperfections will trap dirt and other materials in them that does not come out with just a quick wipe of the window. Some high-end windows may be sealed to prevent this, but most residential glass will not, and if your home is older with old-style windows, you can bet there are years of buildup to deal with.

Deepcleaning The Glass

To truly clean your windows, you need to get all the dirt off--not just wipe the surface. Use a good quality sponge and cleaner, rubbing the glass aggressively to loosen the dirt from the surface of the glass and any imperfections in the surface. Don't rub so hard as to break or crack the glass, but put some effort into it so you are not just pushing the surface dirt around. Use a squeegee on the glass to remove the water and don't forget to wipe all around the edges with a clean cloth. 

Cleaning Naturally

There is no shortage of commercial window cleaners on the market and if you have a favorite that works, that is fine, but why not consider a natural cleaner? For years, people have talked about vinegar and water as a window cleaner with mixed results. Here is a tip, though; adding a few drops of liquid detergent (like dishwashing liquid) into that mix makes it work better. The soap helps to cut grease and remove the film left behind from years of commercial cleaners.

Hiring a Window Service

If all of this seems like too much work and you just want the glass clean, you can consider hiring a residential window cleaning service to come and take care of all the glass in your home. Most window services will clean the inside and outside of the glass, as well as have optional service for things like mirrors, chandeliers and other hard-to-clean glass items in your home. Of course, they come with a cost, so you will need to consider setting a budget if you go this route. Contact a company like A-Plus Window Cleaning to learn more.