Six Tips For Getting Perfectly-Clean Windows

Few homeowners look forward to washing their windows. Most people have so many windows that this chore can become an all-day project. In addition, the "clean" windows can end up with streaks and smudges that you don't notice until you've put all of your cleaning products away. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help ensure than you'll be happy with your window cleaning results.

1. Assemble the right equipment. For best results, most professionals recommend using a 12" to 15" squeegee rather than using paper towels or even newspaper. Using a squeegee eliminates rubbing that can scratch the glass and also create an electromagnetic charge that will actually attract dirt back to the window. It's also useful to get a bucket wide enough so that you can dip your squeegee in one motion.

2. Start with the inside of the window. Since the outside is likely to be dirtier than the inside of the window, you'll be better able to gauge your finished results when you start with the inside. In addition, your equipment will be cleaner and less likely to streak the inside windows if you proceed from inside to outside.

3. Opt for a cloudy, but dry day. The best time to wash your windows is when it isn't raining, but there isn't any direct sunlight. If the sun is too bright, it can dry your cleaning solution before you have time to wipe it off.

4. Vacuum the sills and window tracks before you start on the glass. Getting rid of the dirt and debris around the windows will keep you from getting these particles on your squeegee where they can get the glass dirty.

5. Start with a soft scrub brush on the outside windows. Removing and/or loosening stubborn dirt on the outside windows with a soft scrub brush can get this debris out of your way and help to prevent streaks when you switch to the squeegee.

6. Clean your windows twice a year. Cleaning them thoroughly in the spring and the fall helps to keep dirt from accumulating and making it more difficult to get your windows clean.

Getting clean windows doesn't have to be a hit or miss proposition. For good results, make sure to assemble the right equipment, start with the inside windows, pick a cloudy day and prevent dirt from building up on your windows by cleaning them at least twice a year.