Are You Designing An Entry Way?

Have you ever noticed that your first impression as you enter a home stays with you? For example, if you enter a house and the entry of the house is cluttered with things like athletic shoes, books that have been carelessly left on the floor, and toys, you might get the feeling that the rest of the house is not organized well.

On the other hand, if you enter a home whose entry is attractive and orderly, you might have a feeling of peace, and you're probably not surprised that the other rooms in the house are orderly and attractive, too. Those feelings might be on your mind as you design an entry room to your very own house. From selecting the right door to selecting entryway furnishings, here are some ideas that might help you to design an attractive area.

The Entry Door - Consider the fact that even the front door might make a statement. For example, if you want a very elegant entry room, consider selecting an elegant front door. Consider buying a door that has stained glass or beveled glass as part of the design. For a contemporary feeling, consider selecting a door that has a simple design, but that has bold color for the paint.

Black, bright red, turquoise, or yellow are all good choices for a contemporary door design. For a traditional look, consider buying a wooden door that has brass as part of the design. No matter what kind of entry door you select, think of buying one that has a keyless entry. Instead, select one that has the feature of simply entering a code to get into the house.

The Furniture - Again, the mood you want to set will be established in a large part by the furniture you select. If you chose a brightly colored door for a contemporary look, choose contemporary furniture, perhaps an entry table and a contemporary chair to place beside it. For an elegant mood, choose furniture of a more formal style.

The size of your entryway plays a big part in the furniture you select, of course. For example, if the area is small, you might just have a small entry table with no chairs at all. If you have ample space, consider matching tables, one on each of the facing walls, and add chairs to the ends of both tables.

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