Three Reasons To Upgrade Your Door Frame To Steel From Wood

Wooden doorframes are the standard for many homes. For a long time, door and window frames were made of wood only. Wood is an affordable material and matches well with the rest of the frame of the home when it is in construction mode. There are a number of issues that can come with wood doorframes, especially as the home begins to age. Here are three reasons to upgrade your doorframe from wood to steel. 

Wood doorframes can become degraded easily

It is common for older homes to develop chips and nicks in a wooden doorframe. These will be unnoticeable at first, but after a while, the chips can grow in size. This will allow drafts to come into the home and can even be large enough to let in pests. If you have wood doorframes, replacing them with steel will stop all chips from happening. Since steel is a tougher material, it will also be more difficult for your children, pets, and the elements to cause any problems with your doorframes. 

The doors will be able to close easily

Wood is a material that can swell, especially when it is wet or in heat. If you find that your door does not latch as easily as it used to, it could be due to the heat expanding the door or the frame. A steel doorframe will not be susceptible to the elements, which will make it more reliable. If you want to have a door that latches any time the door is let go, a steel frame with a brand-new closing mechanism is the perfect door for your exterior or interior doors. 

Steel doors can be equipped with silencers

Slamming doors can be a big issue. If you often find that your home is interrupted by the sound of slamming doors in the morning or night, a steel door construction will provide you with better control. Have a silencing mechanism placed on the steel doorframe so that the door either slows down when it is forcefully pushed or so that there is less risk of injury of hands being slammed in a door. The silencer will be a lifesaver if you have babies or small children who need to go down to bed early or light sleepers who have issues when they are disturbed. A steel doorframe with silencers will make the home peaceful and safe. 

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