3 Factors That Impact The Life Of A Replacement Window

When you install a replacement window in your home, you want to be installing a window that is going to last. You don't want to be installing a temporary structure that you are going to have to replace again in a few years. The three primary factors that impact the life of your replacement window include the type of frame used, the type of glass used, and the quality of the installation process.

The Type of Frame Used

The type of frame you use for the window will have the biggest impact on how long the window will last.

Aluminum window frames are extremely strong and can last for three or four decades without needing to be replaced. On the flip side, aluminum is not the best insulating material, so you will lose more heat energy with aluminum window frames.

Vinyl window frames are designed to last just as long as aluminum window frames. They can last for two to four decades under most conditions. The one big advantage that vinyl window frames have over aluminum window frames is they offer better insulating properties and can help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

You can count on a wood window frame to last for about a decade or two if you put in the proper maintenance. With a wood window frame, you have to keep the frame sealed at all times to prevent the wood from rotting and getting damaged. However, wood offers excellent insulation properties, and many people prefer the visual style of wood even though it comes with a shorter life span.

The Type of Window

Next, the type of glass you install in the window matters as well. In general, glass is a strong material that can last for decades. The functionality of the glass is dependent upon a variety of factors.

Older windows only have one pane of glass in them, which doesn't offer a lot of protection from the outside. Most modern windows include at least two or three panes of glass, which helps reduce sound emissions, provides better insulation properties, and is stronger and less likely to break from impact with strong forces.

Another thing that impacts the long-term viability of your windows is the U-factor. The U-factor measures the overall thermal efficiency your window provides. The better the U-factor, the better a type of window is.

You should also pay attention to the length of the warranty offered by a window company. A company that offers a fifty-year warranty for their windows believes they will last that long without breaking down.

The Quality of the Installation 

Finally, the quality of the installation process will impact how long your windows last. You want to hire a trained professional to install any replacement windows on your home. The frame and window need to be installed properly and need to be well insulated and sealed in order for you to get a long life out of your windows. An inadequate installation job will dramatically shorten the life span of your windows.

When it comes to how long your replacement windows will last, you should be able to get multiple decades of use out of them, depending upon the frame and type of glass you use and the quality of the installation job. If you're interested in getting help choosing the best windows for your home, reach out to a company that provides custom interior windows.